sorry I'm late, but thanks @ListPrompts
  1. to set the scene, it was Good Friday during spring break of eighth grade & my family and 3 other families all went away to a house in the Catskills for the long weekend
  2. I'd had a crush on one of the boys for about 8 years on and off at that point
  3. their family finally arrived & us kids retreated to our super secret cool hideout for the night
    it was basically just a tiny room with 2 twin beds
  4. we just all sat in that room in the dark on the beds talking
  5. I was lying down near said boy and suddenly, I feel his hands just touching my hair
  6. then I just had to reach up & start playing w his hair too, obviously
    this was about the extent of my flirting skills (and basically still is)
  7. then we started kinda high-fiving
    weird to begin with
  8. & here comes the weirder part: he started like high-fiving my face????????
  9. I was v weirded out I didn't understand what he was trying to do
    he was basically slapping me it was really confusing
  10. anyways, he slid down and joined me lying down & kept his hands near my face
  11. he started feeling around my face for my mouth & scooted closer
  12. and he just kissed me.
  13. on a bed.
  14. with 3 other people on it.
    including MY BROTHER!!2?????
  15. it was really awkward & I bit his tongue
  16. throughout the weekend he kept trying to make out w me
    like in a closet & in bed when I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP
  17. then he tried putting my hand down his pants and I was like NOPE BYE NO STOP HA
  18. & he's been a douche ever since 🌟