thanks @lesbian for this whole setup!! :))) @shanaz, this is for you
  1. happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope it was as great as u are :)))))
  2. I just binge-read (or re-read) all of your lists & lemme tell ya, I love u
  3. like I lowkey want you to be my mom and teach me about Star Wars
  4. you have a great taste in movies
    and children's movies 😂
  5. music too
    I see u w the Mary j. Blige and Rihanna
  6. you're seriously so cool
  7. your lists are 💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥
    esp. the ones ranking an actor's movies and the ones about your son and the ones about your favorite ____ - all of them honestly
  8. I love how your bio has the "currently reading" thing
  9. also you're absolutely gorgeous
    how does your face do the thing? like the whole cute attractive thing???
  10. not to mention YOU'RE INSANELY TALENTED
    I wanna see the Princess Leia painting!!!
  11. your son is also the cutest lil baby angel to ever grace this planet
    and you made him!!! how awesome are u?? (answer: extremely awesome)
  12. I think you're a great mom and that you're handling everything with such grace it's impressive
  13. you're a fierce af, beautiful, hilarious, intelligent human & I'm honored to have you as my listentine this year!!!
  14. happy Valentine's Day, @shanaz!!! 💗💗 (sorry it's a day late)