bc @alexim likes to hear about these kinds of things & it's not completely boring :)
  1. 🌟MY NAME 🌟
  2. my parents went through quite a long process in naming me
  3. they finally narrowed it down to Lara Isabela and Maria Lara Isabela
    my mom's name is Maria and her mom's maiden name is Lara
  4. they ended up putting Maria Lara Isabela on the *initial* birth certificate
    my parents intended to nickname me "Maia" but pronounced mah-ee-ah instead of maya.
  5. but my name just didn't click with my face apparently
  6. so instead after maybe a week, they finally came up with Cara
    they combined my mom's mom's name, Carmen, with her dad's, Raquel. so ca-ra!!
  7. I feel bad for my dad... every potential name for me had to do with my mom's fam :(
  9. his story is significantly shorter.
  10. when he came out, my parent immediately thought "Paco" was perfect
    my parents are big fans of weird nicknames (thank u Philippines for all the weird names)
  11. it supposedly comes from his real name, Francisco
    basically only from the "co" at the end
  13. for girls
    Amelia, Aurora, Charlie (or Charlotte), Luna (Lovegood), Sophia, Ella/Ellie
  14. for boys
    Noah, Alexander, Nathaniel, Benji, Sebastian, Oliver