1. This was taken at around 3 am on a snow day.
    If you zoom in really close, you can see the blob of a person shoveling out there. I fell asleep that night to the scrape of a shovel against the sidewalk.
  2. This was taken the night after a retreat.
    It was an emotional 3 days and this reminded me of the friends I made and the love I felt afterwards.
  3. This was taken backstage at a competition.
    We are called the "core four." We all decided to take a nap before our tap number because there were still about 15 dances before us. I love my friends.
  4. This was the first (and last) compliment my English teacher gave me during sophomore year.
  5. These are my parents in front of a castle in Jardin du Luxemborg.
    They're the cutest and the coolest.
  6. This was taken on the lower walkway on the Seine.
    We were on a family vacation, but on our last day in Paris, all of the kids got to spend the day exploring. This was our last stop. We stopped by a grocery store (which turned out to be predominantly frozen foods), bought some chips, ice cream, cookies, and frozen berries, and walked to the rich, quiet neighborhood on the Seine. We sat on the ledge with our feet hanging above the water and waved to the passing river boats filled with tourists. It was a wonderful day.
  7. This is a screenshot of a map of part of the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona.
    We were on a tour with the most handsome, charming tour guide on the planet (s/o to Miguel). He was talking about how the opening scene of "The Perfume" was shot in Sant Felip Neri square. He deadass looked me straight in the eye and said, "it's a scary movie, no?" and held eye contact for a solid 7 seconds. Best 7 seconds of my life.
  8. This is Bella.
  9. This is also Bella.
  10. Finally, this is Bella.
  11. This was taken on a dock in Barcelona at about 6 am.
    It was our last morning in Barcelona. We pulled an all-nighter and at 5:30 in the morning, we walked to the beach to see the sunrise. It was a 20-minute walk through a normally bustling area, and everything was so still. We walked along the dock and hopped about the broken concrete blocks while the sun was still below the horizon. Once the sun was up, we ran all the way back. We walked out of the elevator right as our parents were banging on our doors, trying to get us up in time for the flight.
  12. This is Damani and I at her graduation party.
    I was leaving and when I looked at her, I realized that, after 7 years of dancing with her daily, I didn't know when I would see her again. I wanted to just take a nice picture but we both couldn't stop crying.
  13. This is a broken beaker of K3Fe(C2O4)3•3H2O.
    My lab partner, Sophie, a quiet shy girl, was frustrated that our crystals weren't coming out of the beaker... so she murdered the beaker. It was so unexpected and hilarious.
  14. This was on an observation deck at the Bronx Zoo.
    We were watching these 5 monkeys swing around during a birthday party. All of a sudden, a monkey was staring at me from 6 inches away, with only the glass separating us. I got so excited to take a picture that I flipped over my plate of birthday cake.
  15. This is the most wonderful depiction of the greatest bromance in history.
    Justin Baldoni and Brett Dier from Jane the Virgin are honestly my favorite people on this earth.
  16. This was the monkey I sacrificed my cake for.