I blank out every 5 minutes basically. this is kind of a pointless list.
  1. 3 feet to the right of my math teacher's head
  2. My ballet teacher's fingers
  3. The gnarled mass of branches outside of my English classroom's window
  4. The door of the PAC during dance team rehearsal
  5. A yellow stripe on my classmate's plaid uniform kilt
  6. A stack of pennies in a lonely corner of a windowsill
  7. The roll of paper towel in my kitchen
  8. A morsel of carrot in my mom's bowl
  9. The word "rational" on a poster about numbers
  10. The floor
  11. The place where the floor meets the wall
  12. The wheelchair attachment contraption on the bus
  13. The side of a guy's shoe on the bus
  14. My neighbor's fence through my window
  15. The zipper of my friend's jacket