I have absolutely NO REGRETS bc of how much I'm talking about him. I also don't care that nobody cares at this point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. whenever he wanted to tell me something, he came real close, bent down, and said it directly in my ear.
  2. when we both got scholarships after an audition, he sat next to me and hugged me congrats.
    he leaned into me and put his head under my chin and I'm just ????????
  3. we have this one dance together and the whole premise is basically just the fact that we're in love
    it's so cute & dancing it makes me so happy & when we're walking off at the end he has his arm around me & he squeezed me & we literally just stayed like that for 10 minutes, even after we walked out of the ballroom/stage area LOOK AT HOW CUTE WE ARE
  4. after we performed that dance, we had to wait for the awards for a while
    during that time, we were sitting in the lobby just laughing our heads off because we were so tired. he complained to me about how my response to his goodbye text was so short when he thought it out so much. we went into the ballroom to watch the other dances and we just sank into the chairs. our heads were leaning on each other and we sat there talking for about half an hour. lots of laughing and I'm cruignffndjdj
  5. sometimes he puts his forehead on my shoulder when he laughs
  6. he was sitting behind me and had to tell me something, so he slowly pulled me back towards him and told me
    but !???????
  7. he took a nap on my bag and when he woke up while I was in the bathroom he asked people where I was bc worried
  8. I feel like there's so much more, but they're just tiny things --- SO MANY FEELS
  9. sorry the watermark is so obnoxious
  10. sorry I'm so obnoxious???