1. spending 2+ hours making a study playlist instead of actually studying
    as if claiming it will later increase my efficiency later justifies this waste of time???
  2. makeup products that have punny names
  3. frantically taking multiple Myers-Briggs tests to ensure I'm still an INTJ
    (I am)
  4. switching between "you" and "u" in the same sentence
  5. literally anything with !???????
  6. not responding to a text/snap to make me feel like I hold some type of power
  7. calling anything "______-y _____" to make it sound fun
    e.g. "twisty twist" "nappy nap"
  8. excessively posting pics of my middle finger on finsta whenever I have to write an essay
  9. throwing my phone across the room when I text something risky
  10. using the phrase "as a result" 13 times in one paper
  11. caps lock