and so weekly installments commence
  1. I've realized that my public speaking skills aren't COMPLETE shit
    At a meeting, I was called on to talk about my experience at a convention. I actually spoke what my brain was thinking for once.
  2. I was named jr. captain of my dance team
    For my hard work & such (I'm just an inadvertent try-hard tbh)
  3. I had a great dance day on Monday
    I went to a slightly easier class than normal and then sang Adele and the Biebs during stretch class with my favorite people
  4. I found out my dad doesn't have cancer
    this should really be the first on the list
  5. I didn't feel so tired that I couldn't pay attention in class
  6. My friends are awesome.
  7. I finished my homework early on Tuesday after staying up to finish a paper on Monday
    My dad and I caught up with Scorpion and NCIS: LA.
  8. I performed for the entire school without projectile vomiting (before OR after).
    Everyone told me they loved me & I was famous for about 3 days.
  9. I aced a chem test.
  10. Basically everyday was a good dance day.
    By good dance day, I mean there was a perfect mixture of hard work and talking with friends. It feels so niiiiice
  11. Christmas party at dance
    TONS OF FOOD and talking with my bffs
  12. Secret Santa
    1) at school - realization that YES I HAVE REAL FRIENDS THAT ARE GR8 AND CARE ABOUT ME. thanks for the bomb ass cookies Jess. 2) at dance - it was a great night. another reassurance that u have great friends.
  13. I actually witnessed myself coming out of my shell this week.
    I talked more in class and with people I don't normally talk to. Random burst of extroversion and confidence this week. (I also realized that I say A LOT of very pointless, unrelated things. sorry.)
  14. I handed in an essay.
    That sweet sweet relief of freeing yourself from writing a paper. oooooh yes.
  15. I was in a wonderful mood.
    I was just so happy and I wanted everyone to be really happy.
  16. My crush let me hug him for like an hour straight.
  17. Cleaning the house was kind of calming.