I've been on vacation in Philippines & life is real good rn
  1. before I left for the airport, my friend/crush dropped by.
    admittedly, it was to pick up a cake, but he still said bye, hugged me really tight, & was just being all cute so
  2. fried chicken and sinigang
    I never thought I would so thoroughly enjoying clogging my arteries until I came here. Almost every meal we've had here had a minimum of 3 orders of fried chicken and a giant bowl of sinigang (tamarind broth soup with veggies and pork).
    The beach in Boracay had powdery white sand and the clearest waters. We ran around on it every day, walked back from dinner on it every night. The majority of the time was spent on the beach - I am about 43 shades darker than when I arrived.
  4. family
    This past week has basically been a giant family reunion. I saw cousins I haven't seen in 7 years and I met relatives I didn't know existed. a wild ride
  5. island hopping in Boracay
    This wasn't actually island hopping. We only stopped at one other island for lunch (more friend chicken and sinigang). Other than that, we went snorkeling twice and I jumped from the roof of the rickety old boat. It was probably my favorite day of the whole trip.
  6. the people
    everyone in the Philippines is so considerate and genuinely nice. I love it.
  7. the fact that my mother country is actually the best one on earth 👌🏽