flew from the beach to the city part of the Philippines
  1. the night we landed in Manila, my family threw us a welcome party at a club.
    there was a lot of drinking and dancing (with a hired ballroom instructor). it was so fun & only mildly awkward trying to get to know my family again.
  2. we rediscovered how much of a lightweight my older brother is (and how I'm not)
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    he was gone after 4 beers while I was still going
  3. we saw a lake in a volcano in a lake in a volcano
    & ate a metric shit ton of food right beside it
  4. my favorite cousin and I were reunited
    greeting hug = 5 minutes of jumping and hugging and screaming
  5. shopping
  6. breakfast buffets
    I have literally gained 7 lbs. in the past week because of this one.
  7. drinking with the cousinry
    what I did not like was the explosive shits I got as a result :)))) mm graphic.
  8. cards with the cousinry
    because we weren't on our phones for once :))
  9. movies on the plane