Requested by @biz
sorry I take forever w these @biz thank you so much for the request!!!
  1. lying
  2. people that can shamelessly stare
  3. when your dog vomits on someone's lawn & you're completely unprepared so you just walk away super fast
  4. stale airplane smell
  5. anything that you receive on a plane
    from the blankets to possible herpes from the bathroom
  6. when you walk into the wrong classroom
  7. not knowing how to greet someone
  8. jeans
  9. dying plants & partially deflated balloons
  10. people who don't believe in global warming
  11. feet
    esp. Kim K's that one time
  12. the DMV
  13. when I didn't hear what someone said for the 4th time so I play it off ever so coolly
  14. when someone doesn't hear me after saying something 4 times
    *insert whale noise*
  15. soggy mail
  16. mashed bananas??
  17. physical contact
  18. prolonged silence
  19. making conversation
  20. the Asian guy in 16 Candles
    such poor representation
  21. basically everything
    Giphy downsized medium