Inspired by @michellejennifer / @lame
  1. I've never dated anyone before but these are things I THINK I want????
    when it actually happens, I'll make an updated version
  2. I need constant attention & reassurance.
    make sure I know you still like me/want to be around me bc I will always doubt it
  3. I like cute affectionate gestures.
    just like walk me to my car or kiss me just bc or text me when you find something interesting
  4. I kind of like initiating things and feeling in charge, but sometimes you have to do it too.
    back to the first point, I NEED TO KNOW YOU WANT ME
  5. you probably won't get the best gifts ever.
    I'm sorry, I'm just terrible at gift-giving/being thoughtful. I swear, I do love you though I promise
  6. I probably want to spend more time w my bed than w you.
    don't get offended, maybe join me for a nap though?
  7. I will spend hours in Barnes and Noble looking for books, so don't hold your breath waiting.
    also it would be really nice if you were interested in books too
  8. movie nights are some of the best nights to me.
    I love popcorn and movies and make out sessions in the back row. you never need to go too out of your way for a good date for me.
  9. I'm usually right. get used to it.
  10. I 💗 cute pictures
    better get ur selfie game up bc I am relentless