sorry I don't get to brag irl, so enjoy
  1. that time I physically could not get lower than a 98 on a math test
    aka 3rd-8th grade
  2. that time I got a 140 on my Latin final
    everyone was shit at it, so the final was essentially all extra credit.
  3. that other time in chem when most of the class got below a 70 and I got a 112
  4. that time I won 8 of the 15 final awards in eighth grade
    8/15 goes to one person in a class of 50?!!!
  5. that time where I literally took ZERO finals because exempt af
  6. that time I didn't study for the ACTs and got a 35 on it
  7. that time I got 81/56 (145%) on yet another chem test
    surprise it was today