1. I only peel clementines in a spiral shape
  2. whenever I do something cringeworthy (all the time), I hold my breath until I convince myself it wasn't that bad
  3. I gauge other people's age based on my brother's age
  4. I never wear my glasses (bc I don't want to rely on them) unless I have a chem test
    the periodic table is just so far away from me 😩😩😩
  5. I don't usually zoom documents more than 100%
    and I am consequently that much more eye-strained
  6. I slightly cross my eyes (just enough for it to get a lil blurry) when I do something cringeworthy
    not seeing people's reactions helps me get over it more quickly
  7. when possible, I walk up the stairs 2 at a time
    if I can get up them faster, I will.... but only when there's no one looking
  8. I look both ways when crossing the street about 4-5 times
    I am deathly afraid of dying via car crash
  9. I avoid saying "literally" by replacing it with "actually"
    doesn't really help tbh
  10. I frantically schedule out my afternoon & almost purposely sabotage it immediately with social media