1. Pre-K - singer
    During Pre-K, I had just started taking dance classes. For some weird reason, I was fully convinced that being a singer was automatically 13,583 times cooler than being a dancer.
  2. Kindergarten-1st grade - teacher
    I don't think I actually wanted to be a teacher. I distinctly remember the assignment we had in kindergarten where we had to draw a picture of what we wanted to be. I just drew a picture of a crowd of students around a woman, much like the scene I was witnessing at that moment. Not a very creative kid unfortunately.
  3. 2nd grade-3rd grade - Hannah Montana
    But who didn't?
  4. 4th grade-6th grade - doctor
    I don't know what my basis was for this one honestly. I was the smart kid in class... What other choice did I really have?
  5. 6th-9th - nothing
    This was what I like to call my "eighth-life crisis." I was going through a bit of a rebellious stage and wanted to spite my parents and deviate from the stereotypes. So I stopped wanting to be a doctor. For a stupid, weird, identity-crisis-inducing reason.
  6. 10th - chemical engineer
    I met my chemistry teacher this year (shoutout to Mr. O). It was a subject I was really excelling in and I honestly just felt like THE shit. So I thought I wanted to be a chemist. Then I got an 85 on a test this year in AP chem. Whoops, there goes that dream.
  7. 11th- Doctor/dancer
    The most recent fantasy of mine was being a professional dancer for a little bit while being an assistant at a physical therapy center. Kind of unrealistic. Anyways, I changed my mind again. I'm back to being completely confused and undecided. Still very young and I have a long way to go.