Inspired by @yikes
  1. watches hours of tv shows when I have days of homework to do
  2. only runs up the stairs 2 at a time, no matter where I am or who I'm with or what I'm wearing
  3. regularly sleeps without showering on top of the covers
  4. goes on a diet, but exclusively eats chocolate chip muffins
  5. pretends to know how to do things until I actually learn how to
  6. forgets to make a card for brother's birthday
  7. forgets what you told me 5 minutes ago
  8. forgets to bring that one thing you asked for
  9. forgets ______
    literally anything can go in the blank
  10. leaves dirty dishes in the sink (without soaking it bc soggy food is DISGUSTING)
  11. tries to make joke in weird situation, but actually makes it worse