How I Won At Parenting This Morning

  1. My daughter wanted to wear a skirt.
    We're running low on skirts that actually fit at the moment. Thanks growth spurt!
  2. I found one that is one of those shorts hidden by a skirt jobbies.
  3. It has flowers all over it, so she was distracted by the flowers.
  4. And then to make sure she was overwhelmed emotionally by her clothes I let her wear her ultra favourite Tinkerbell shirt.
  5. Five minutes ago she realised she was wearing shorts disguised as a skirt and started to get outraged.
    Four year old problems.
  6. So I gasped, and said excitedly, "OH MY GOSH, THAT IS SO COOL! This is so, so SPECIAL!"
  7. She broke out into a grin and then twirled around and said, "It's like my own secret!!!"
    She is obsessed with secrets lately. I am not super worried because she doesn't realise that secrets aren't meant to be told, so she freely says to everyone, "I got a secret!" And then tells them the secret.
  8. Now she wants to wear it forever.