Requested by db


Fact: this list is controversial. Requested by @dbyh20
  1. Wile E Coyote
    So much determination, planning, and deception. Always outsmarted, but he never gave up. Also, think what he could have done with Amazon Prime for ACME goods.
  2. Bart Simpson
    Cliché? Maybe. Forgotten? No way, man. We connect with Bart's parental struggles, boredom in school, and sheer pleasure in pranking people. (I personally love Lisa too, but Bart is iconic.)
  3. Sterling Archer
    Adult cartoon of this era, Archer's banter, wit, and love for danger is truly addictive. With so many flaws yet amazingly great hair, we live through his adventures and awkward family moments.
  4. Lucy Van Pelt
    This girl gives out psychiatric help from a lemonade stand, takes Charlie Brown's football, and shamelessly dotes on Schroeder. My favorite opinionated, bossy lady.