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  1. swolf
    my nickname was discussed but didn't really seem to fit (sorry amandla)
  2. secret sqirl
    when we were given the rough mixes, all the song titles got switched with someone else who was recording around the same time. their tracks were named under 'secret sqirl.' I considered it.
  3. 16
    an attempt to copy adele
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In no particular order ...
  1. blenheim apricot
  2. blackberry & lemon verbena
  3. strawberry rhubarb
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  1. Me as a young dweeb
  2. Hatgal meets her #1 fan
  3. Kiernan when they "shaved her head" in that interview
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  1. Hot tea!
  2. Fireplaces!
  3. Long sleeve PJ's!
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  1. I am not getting up
  2. Ok, I'll check Instagram for just another minute
  3. Maybe I should just fake sick today
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The songbook is always evolving; here are some winners that I have abandoned over the years.
  1. "THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU" (2008)
    I wrote my first love song when I was 9. It stemmed out of an intense crush (or so I thought) and I wrote lyrics like "Just hearing our hearts beat / when our hearts meet / when you hold me tight all night."
    My dad was part of the writers' strike back in 2007, so I wrote a little ditty about picketing with him: "I'm standing on the picket line / I'm holding my heavy picket sign / thinking if this strike's gonna take a lifetime."
  3. "BALLAD OF THE LONELY" (2012)
    In middle school, I experimented a lot with narrative writing, as I didn't want to make every song all about me. This song told the story of a young girl getting taken away from her family; it was quite the tear-jerker: "I knew a girl, she cried beautiful tears in her hand / lonely in love and faith, left no choice but to move on."
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in no particular order ...
  1. Go Get Em Tiger (LA)
    This is where we spend most of our time. Not only is it easy cause it's close to us, but this Larchmont shop has the best almond milk latte anyone could ask for. Their turmeric drink is also a favorite.
  2. Linea Caffe (SF)
    When I visit chilly San Francisco every August, all I can think about is the Linea latte. Pair it with their rockin' waffles.
  3. Workshop Coffee (London)
    Best coffee I had in London. Go to the location on Clerkenwell Rd. to get some stellar brunch as well (best porridge!)
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  1. Fear of Peacocks
    Yes, when I was little, the idea of that feathered creature scared the shit out of me.
  2. Fear of Blue M&M's
    Definitely comes from my mom's hatred of food coloring - I've always had the picture engrained in my memory of this candy dying my insides.
  3. Fear of the Claw Toy
    When I was little, my dad, thinking it was a practical joke, grabbed me with that plastic claw toy from behind. I've been scarred since.
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A look into your future, Tuie.
  1. Head of Artribe
    This is Tula's favorite event of the year. I see her running the whole she-bang soon enough.
  2. Tavi Gevinson
    Tula is a big Rookie fan (I know because she takes me to all their various events). I would not be surprised if Tula was reincarnated into the head of this publication.
  3. That Old Lady on Larchmont
    If there's one thing about Tula you need to know, it's that she spends most of her time on Larchmont. I see Tula, years from now, spending her hours on this block, giving treats to the various dogs on their morning walks and looking through photographs from the years.
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