in no particular order ...
  1. Go Get Em Tiger (LA)
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    This is where we spend most of our time. Not only is it easy cause it's close to us, but this Larchmont shop has the best almond milk latte anyone could ask for. Their turmeric drink is also a favorite.
  2. Linea Caffe (SF)
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    When I visit chilly San Francisco every August, all I can think about is the Linea latte. Pair it with their rockin' waffles.
  3. Workshop Coffee (London)
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    Best coffee I had in London. Go to the location on Clerkenwell Rd. to get some stellar brunch as well (best porridge!)
  4. Cafe Dulce (LA)
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    This cute Little Tokyo spot makes the most killer sweet lattes if you're in the mood for a treat. Also goes great with their donuts (and rotis!)
  5. Heart Coffee (Portland)
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    Julie's favorite - a lot of the LA coffee bars use their coffee; so much fun to go visit their Portland shop.
  6. Cuvée Coffee Shop (Austin)
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    This Austin spot makes great lattes and is centered in a cute neighborhood. Worth checking out.
  7. Dinosaur Coffee (LA)
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    Some of the best coffee in LA, makes a good almond latte - one of the coolest LA spaces, architecturally speaking, in the Silverlake area.
  8. 3fe (Dublin)
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    From mama Julie: Run by the barista champ of Ireland. She recommends going for the "side-by-side" coffee tasting to get the full experience.
  9. Everyman Espresso (NY)
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    Julie's east coast favorite: "Order the specialty coffee by Sam Lewontin."
  10. Endorffeine (LA)
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    My new LA spot. Located in Chinatown's Far East Plaza, Jack Benchakul makes stunning new signature drinks. I recommend the Malbec Lime Cold Brew latte, it's unreal.