A look into your future, Tuie.
  1. Head of Artribe
    This is Tula's favorite event of the year. I see her running the whole she-bang soon enough.
  2. Tavi Gevinson
    Tula is a big Rookie fan (I know because she takes me to all their various events). I would not be surprised if Tula was reincarnated into the head of this publication.
  3. That Old Lady on Larchmont
    If there's one thing about Tula you need to know, it's that she spends most of her time on Larchmont. I see Tula, years from now, spending her hours on this block, giving treats to the various dogs on their morning walks and looking through photographs from the years.
  4. Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks
    Tula loves this cult classic - bet she would love to go back to seduce Agent Dale Cooper.
  5. Burger Records Photographer
    Tula loves Burger Records. Tula loves to take photos. This is Tula's ideal job.
  6. Anna Wintour
    Tula loves fashion. I see Tula running Vogue one day - it would be filled with penny loafers and tennis skirts!
  7. Our 2050 President
    Tula loves to be a leader. She'd make a badass president (and I'd be her VP).