Here's what usually happens when I meet Mr Right-guys.
  1. he looks at me weirdly, then calmly but annoyed asks me "Anything else with that miss?"
    Then I say no, and walk out of the coffee shop.
  2. I think my life is a movie and get really fucking sad when he doesn't even offer to walk me home and I realize he doesn't care that much.
  3. oh fuck, his best friend was so much hotter I've made a huge mistake! Abort, abort!
  4. damn, his brother is a babe! Now, how do I break up with this guy and start seeing his older brother in a smooth but fast way?
  5. I limit what he gets to know about me and, without even seeing it myself, create a mysterious persona. Then I get disappointed at him for not knowing the real me.
  6. I let him get to know me and he gets bored.
  7. well fuck.. Of course his dad is ten times hotter than him, I should have known. I'm off.
  8. and then I stop seeing guys for a few months or a year, and then I start over again.