Inspired by @AliciaNF26
  1. Creating/purchasing a card/picture of two young children kissing
    Who decided this was cute? It's not. It's so very creepy.
  2. Chewing
    The singularly most disgusting thing is listening to/looking at someone as they eat when the rest of the room is completely silent. People eating apples in silent crowded places are particularly upsetting.
  3. Sneezing
    Sneezes are the worst. They're annoying-sounding, and they completely interrupt whatever you were in the middle of doing.
  4. Throwing a plastic bottle into a trash can when there's a recycling bin right nearby
    Come on's not difficult.
  5. Calling me Sophie when I literally just introduced myself as "Sofia"
    If I wanted you to call me Sophie, then I would've introduced myself as Sophie.
  6. People who call vegetables "veggies"
    Are you 5??
  7. People who text when they're in line for food so they don't realize when it's their turn to order, thus being rude to both the person taking their order and the other people in line