Inspired by @sarahrberry
  1. Grocery list
    I don't think she'd fully understand the app at first, and would just make a bunch of personal, practical lists
  2. Ways to communicate with my dog
    My dog has anxiety, which causes her anxiety
  3. Potential neighborhood groups to join
    Books clubs, hiking groups, walking groups, language groups, cultural groups
  4. Books I want to read
    She has sooo many books that she wants to read
  5. Flowers to plant
    We have a beautiful garden
  6. My dream house
    Would definitely include a greenhouse in the backyard
  7. Ways to use kale
    I'm convinced that my mom single-handedly started the kale fad
  8. Pros and cons of going to dance class tonight
    And pros and cons of going to anything that requires leaving the house. Would end with either me or a friend commenting and making her go.
  9. Ways to procrastinate
    This list would mostly consist of doing extensive research for me into any job, project, or idea I offhandedly mention