100% based on my perception of them. 0% based on any real world encounters. But c'mon - I think we both know I'm not wrong about how awesome they are. If I am, though, don't tell me!!
  1. Chris Pratt
    I mean, seriously. This is a no brainer. I'll take him as Andy Dwyer or Starlord. If he didn't seem to truly love his wife, I'd be more heartbroken that our great love will never be. He wouldn't hate that I love the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and play it all the time, and in fact would find it incredibly endearing.
  2. Jimmy Fallon
    Oh just think of the abs I'd have from constantly laughing and joking together!
  3. Seth Meyers
    Smart and funny. Check and check. And handsome. Check check check! Let's get married now.
  4. Taran Killam
    We would just laugh and laugh and talk in characters and it'd be amazing.
  5. John Krasinski
    Handsome, funny, seems incredibly sweet. Really seems to love his first wife, Emily, so I can expect similar adoration.
  6. Jon Hamm
    Handsome Midwesterner whose not afraid to be incredibly silly. We'd talk about how we both loved St. Louis and how crazy it is we both at one point in our lives lived there. That conversation would be short, because it's not that crazy. But we'd be comfortable with the silence, too.
  7. Jon Stewart
    I can't imagine my life without him. Both on my TV and in our loving home together after he retires.
  8. I've learned a lot about myself with this list. Chiefly, that I like funny, affable white men who are truly in love with their spouses, who are not me.
    I am a cliche.