It's that time again! And it's the best!
  1. Hyacinths errwhere
    They are beautiful and smell great - best holiday flower, hands down. Sorry poinsettia.
  2. It happens at the precise moment it becomes spring
    Which, if you think about it, makes way more sense than a winter new year. What says "new year" more than all the new life spring brings?
  3. One of the traditions is jumping over fire
    OVER FIRE! How badass is that? Thanks Zoroastrianism!
  4. It lasts 13 days
    And you get cash money from people the whole time. Any time you visit an elder, you get dat cash. Bought a boombox, a bike, and the Beach Boys' greatest hits one year AND opened my first savings account, which I still have to this day. It was amazing.
  5. And it ends with an awesome picnic
    Because it's spring and beautiful and awesome!!