I just started this today at 3:15 pm central (thanks, sick day). These are my reactions.
  1. FUCK, this happened in Galveston?! That's only 45 minutes away!
  2. I'm glad I'm watching this in the day time, under my nice fuzzy blanket.
  3. Oh god, the officer put his hand down the throat??
  4. How do homicide officers do this? This is awful.
  5. These opening credits are awesome.
  6. Ok how is this the first episode? They know he was Ms. Ciner and he has the bow saw - case closed! Right??
  7. I don't like this Debrah lady.
  8. Ahhhh, he's a runner. Six episodes makes sense now.
  9. What is up with the hoagie theft?!
  10. Damn, seems like Robert and Debrah deserve each other. Worried about that trust money when her hubby is charged with murder.
  11. So ready for episode 2!!!!