1. OF COURSE he witnessed his mother's violent death!
  2. Why the FUCK did his dad take him to see his mom on the roof?!?
  3. "Slipped off the roof" - 50s slang for she done killed herself.
  4. Pretty sure I saw a disgust facial tic when Bob talks about Kathie's mom
    Thanks, Lie to Me, for making me a facial tic expert!
  5. Also, what's up with all the blinking, Bob??
  6. Love Kathie's friends
  7. Wow... Pregnancy twist. Gut wrenching.
  8. The casual discussion of domestic violence is CHILLING
  9. Aaaaand a casual discussion of lying and trying to manipulate the police. What. The. Hell.
    "That places her in NYC, and they believe the missing person and leave me alone." 😳