Help me compile the definitive list!
  1. Chuck
    From Cake in the opening credits to the "Africa" cover, this show didn't mess around with music. And for the first few seasons was also incredibly enjoyable to watch.
  2. The OC
    Say what you will about the content of the show (which by turns infuriated and enthralled the first two seasons, then just mostly infuriated) the music was ON POINT.
  3. Veronica Mars
    This one is another twofer - great songs and excellent television.
  4. The Gilmore Girls
    If you don't love Lorelei and Rory, don't even talk to me. But I guess you can talk to me about music, which I think was awesome and well curated.
  5. Grey's Anatomy
    Lots of good songs, I think. I've obviously never watched the show or anything. (The Fray and Snow Patrol come to mind.)
    Suggested by @andy