She keeps it 💯. Background: young married gal from a very small town in Louisiana, ergo very conservative. One super cute son. Too many amazing quotes.
  1. "Hi, do you all accept baby squirrels?"
    This is no joke. What the hell was happening? Who was she calling? Was the baby squirrel a form of currency??
  2. "I accidentally went to a nudist resort. Figured I should make the most of it. Nice people!"
  3. Her fertility
    Too many quotes on this topic. To be clear, I mean more than one, even though just one would have been too much.
  4. "Have I told you about the time I accidentally walked in a gay pride parade?"
    So many happy accidents.
  5. "What's bukkake?"
    To be fair, this was during a game of Cards Against Humanity. Also, am I a terrible person for knowing what it was? Having an existential crisis.