I'm a born-and-raised okie, so this is familiar, but terrifying, territory. Back in sooner land for a weekend, and getting the true Oklahoma spring treatment.
  1. Hell yes! I love thunderstorms! The thunder, the lightening, the sound of the rain are all 💯
    Thunderstorms are every Okie's favorite. It's science.
  2. Kinda bummed it's night time. I'm missing all the fun stuff!! Green sky, eerie stillness, black funnel cloud moving across the sky like a drunk person.
    When I was growing up, people in our neighborhood liked to go outside and watch the funnel clouds flying over. Clearly the privilege of the unaffected. And very, very fucking dumb. Don't do this. I've since changed my ways.
  3. Boy, that thunder clap just shook the whole house. Things are getting a wee bit serious. Still alright tho.
    I'm going to pretend things are fine and that I didn't want to run to my mommy.
  4. Ok the time between lightening and thunder is growing precariously shorter. I should check my weather app.
  5. Well, fuck.
    Probably not great if the radar is down.
  6. Aaaaand there are the sirens.
    I've been waiting for you, old friends. This is when I start getting nervous. They only blow them horns when shit is about to get real.
  7. Time to turn on the TV. No time to play around with apps!
    SHIT. IS. HAPPENING. But east of where I am, and moving further east! Shew.
  8. Hallelujah! The amount of red on the map is dwindling. Apparently rotations are slowing down. Things are improving.
    Tornados are crazy. Things can go from fine to devastating in a matter of minutes, and back again even faster. And there's still the issues with lightening and power outages, but at least there's a bit more predictability.
  9. Back to reading my book, and listening to a much calmer storm outside the window. But I think I'll keep the TV on for now...