AKA things that impede my laziness. Also, had quite a struggle with lay/lie here, full disclosure.
  1. Brush my teeth
    Just tried this in a moment of extreme laziness, and given all the toothpaste and saliva involved, there was a high accidental drowning possibility.
  2. Put on clothes
    The wiggling and flopping make this more effort than just standing up. Laziness would thus require me to get up and put my clothes on.
  3. Shower
    This is more a personal preference, because I hate baths. The idea of my naked bottom touching the floor of the bath makes my skin crawl. No thanks! I'll get up and get clean.
  4. Put on makeup
    Again, tried and failed. I don't have enough arms to hold a mirror and apply the makeup, particularly eye makeup.
  5. Type on my computer
    I can't do the t-Rex hands long enough/effectively enough to be a good bed typer, much to my dismay.