The miscellany of my inner monologue
  1. Do I just totally lack the personality trait to be successful? Like, am I the worker bee, never the queen?
  2. Is that even a bad thing?
  3. It's not like I'm wholly unsuccessful, I have a great career ahead of me, but is it bad that I could see myself staying there for my whole career? I feel like everyone's pushing me to move, change jobs, etc. bc that will make me more "successful." Is it bad that I'm content where I'm at right now?
  4. Goooood why was law school so fucking expensive? I will die before I pay this off.
  5. Not true, because they will make me pay it off before they let me die.
  6. I'm only a few years into my career, this all feels premature.
  7. I hate that one day I'll have to stop wearing my fun, bright, but work appropriate outfits for power suits to move up in the ranks. That's some bullshit!
  8. I should really stop comparing my (lack of) success to my spine surgeon brother's career and financial situation. That's a pretty fruitless exercise.
  9. Unless my goal is to feel like total shit, in which case it's a very fruitful exercise.
  10. I'm going to type up all my icky thoughts into a list for total strangers to read - genius!