As discovered on a shit day
  1. Daylight savings
    But only when it's not the day we all lose an hour, obvi. After that day, daylight savings makes things better, like when you're stuck at work on a Friday night, but find yourself bathed in sunlight upon leaving even though you've been at the office 12 hours. 🌞
  2. Good coworkers who love Pitch Perfect as much as you do and hate the same people you so
    A complete and total blessing.
  3. Cheesecake
    It's tangy, it's sweet, it's creamy, and it's got a graham cracker crust. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT.
  4. Not wearing a bra or pants
    It's a sweet, sweet freedom.
  5. Delivery dessert
    The secret desire of my heart, fully realized. Cheesecake on demand, without having to put on a bra and pants.
  6. Realizing Bridget Jones' Diary is on Netflix
    And then watching it. Because who can be mad when Colin Firth is gracing your screen with his presence? Which reminds me...
  7. The scene where Darcy emerges from the water in Pride & Prejudice
    On repeat. Giggity giggity. 😍😍😍💦
  8. My fuzzy blanket cocoon
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    Fuzzy blankets, everywhere!
  9. Reading hilarious lists on ListApp
    You guys are so funny and wise. I'm not worthy!
  10. Realizing this shitty feeling will pass and you made the right choice
    Better to feel shitty for a beat than to have toxic people in your life for one more minute. Harumph.