This is definitively Charles' opinion and fine with being wrong
  1. 1.
    Bill Withers "Menagerie"
    While I do think people love Bill Wither's, I think we could ramp it up a bit. He's always been revered for his singles but this album really does it for me.
  2. 2.
    Darondo "Didn't I"
    Kind of perpetually slept on his whole career, his voice and his style, he's just the best
  3. 3.
    Fela Kuti "Zombie"
    A funk masterpiece, definitely a cult legend but he deserves everything
  4. 4.
    Male Bonding "Nothing Hurts"
    Independent melodic punk band makes an album that just goes from start to finish. Male Bonding does it for me but that album should've caught on for sure
  5. 5.
    Freddie Hubbard "Red Clay"
    One of the innovators of hard bop, the title track is a rhythmic wonder, and a powerful jazz cut
  6. 6.
    William Onyeabor "Who Is William Onyeabor?"
    Nigerian funk enigma that crafted a mysterious legacy during a fantastic run of albums in seventies to little fanfare. This is the album I direct people to for reference
  7. 7.
    Built To Spill "There's Nothing Wrong With Love"
    Probably missed the bus of Built to Spill love but I rank this album really high imo
  8. 8.
    No Age "Nouns"
    SF noise punk duo, almost certainly yet another case of me prolly loving them more than the population feels necessary but idc because this album is just so great