We all express ourselves through our taste, some more than others. Here are the albums that I believe defined my taste in music, and a lot of times defined who I was at the time
  1. β€’
    "The Nu-Nation Project"- Kirk Franklin 2002-2005
    My parents growing up were super religious which in turn meant all I ever listened to was gospel music. Kirk Franklin really split the gospel music scene (and musical landscape period) wide open with this record, and I loved because it sounded like rap and made so I could have a visible black identity outside of church. I have all the words to Revolution ingrained to my tongue
  2. β€’
    "Stankonia"- Outkast 2006-2007
    My mom's best friend, my play auntie, and the choir director let her son's listen to Outkast, I have no idea why. But that was my first rap experience where they cussed and said *gasp* nigga
  3. β€’
    "London Calling"- The Clash 2007-2008
    I first heard this album on a overnight flight to Ireland the summer before my sophomore year. I got off that flight and spent my first couple of duckets on a Clash t-shirt and acted like a poser. I wore that shirt so much that year it was in shreds.
  4. β€’
    "Who's Next?" -The Who 2007-2008
    Same year as my fake punk emergence, I ironically got really into the Who. A good friend of mine passed away that year and I would listen to Who's Next and think about him and how it didn't make sense that I wouldn't see him around anymore. Not sure why the Who but now any time I hear a Who song I think of my friend.
  5. β€’
    "Fleet Foxes"-Fleet Foxes 2008-2009
    First heard them on MySpace and thought they were the greatest band ever (just living my truth). I still feel a lot listening to "Blue Ridge Mountain" of this album. A ton of my important teenage memories are tied to the Fleet Foxes
  6. β€’
    "Merriweather Post Pavilion" -Animal Collective 2009-2010
    I just discovered file-sharing so I started listening to a ton of music. I had never heard anything like Animal Collective before but I knew it I loved it.
  7. β€’
    "Vampire Weekend"-Vampire Weekend 2009-2010
    I had a guy that sat next to me on the bus give me a burned cd of this album. I was a black mini Ezra Koenig for the rest of that year. Shouts out to that guy
  8. β€’
    "Shallow Grave" The Tallest Man On Earth 2009-2010
    I started writing poetry with a little confidence around this time and Kristian Mattson was like my guide. He's so powerful and emotive with so little
  9. β€’
    "Mm Food..." -Mf Doom 2010-2012
    I am fan of Doom in all his aliases, his wordy style, his comic book origin, his grittiness and his witπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ This is by and large his best album of music and I forced it on my friends much to their indifference and annoyance
  10. β€’
    "You're Living All Over Me"- Dinosaur Jr. 2010-2012
    Every word and sound on this album just clicked so instantly for me, it's rough but delicate and it just charges me up
  11. β€’
    "Age of Adz"- Sufjan Stevens 2010-2012
    Sufjan is so critical to me, like all of albums are so sonically masterful and while I love Chicago, it's Age of Adz that I really played when I was sad or disappointed or angry
  12. β€’
    Parliament Funkadelic Now and Forever
    The last couple of years for me have been full of jazz, some blues, but truly full of the funk and Parliament are the lords and leaders of the funk. Their musicianship and creativity in any genre is just not matched and hearing the product of that collective inspiration, even when it's silly or weird, just takes my breath away