1. Forgetting phone/keys/wallet 😐
    I'd survive w/o my phone in the same way Leo "survived" post bear mauling in the revenant. But if I forget my keys or my wallet, just take me out to pasture
  2. Being late 😖
    I'm always aggressively early so when I am late I really feel like I let someone down because it's so out of character for me
  3. Your card declines 😰
    The emotional torture! The shame! The hunger because now I don't get Vietnamese food!
  4. Electronics breaking/failing 😭
    I once actually cried when my laptop just decided it was never turning on again. Fun fact: I've cried twice in like three years
  5. Favorite clothes ripping 😵
    Not dissimilar to losing a good friend, Monday's don't have the same vibe if you don't have your security denim shirt
  6. Not bringing your belt to the Sufjan concert and subsequently not feeling comfortable or free the entire concert 😩😡😓😔
    Effectively distracting you from what was supposed to be the experience of your lifetime and your birthday! Also having to hike up your pants as your walk back to your hotel to order pizza instead of grabbing a bite to eat at one of the less depressing restaurants all around you