It's almost music festival season! Unfortunately this year I won't be attending any, but if you ask me (which you didn't) here's where you should go: Bonnaroo! And here's a bunch of Charles reasons:
  1. "It's the just the best"
    Sure, that seems subjective but it really is and if you go you'd know that or you'll hate it but that proves that you hate fun, so, you know, live with that...
  2. "They've got five different stages so you miss one artist and you go see another great one"
    I left Radiohead because I was a mile away and went to get dap from Mos Def at Blackstar which was followed by Flylo at 2am. It's one of my stronger points
  3. "You're gross but also everyone is and it's so hot that you won't care after an hour"
    This one is tricky because I'm extra and I love good concerts more than I love myself
  4. "Manchester, Tn is so small that it's perfectly setup for the hordes of people"
    This is really just a fact
  5. "It's like sleep away camp with free loud"
    Probably wouldn't show up on their website but's completely true and I love it
  6. "It's has a strong vibe and bomb ass samosas"
    Another fact.
  7. "Also they have an air conditioned movie theater that plays great movies and saves you from heat stroke"
    One year I went to a Q&A with Aziz Ansari, another watched a magnificent Bad Brains doc, and one year because I was really high and lost my friends watched Harold and Maude and had a great time!
  8. "As a black person I've never felt other-ed or offended by anyone"
    In three years, that's a pretty impressive feat.
  9. "You should just really go"
    You should.