In April 2016, Marvel will rebooting Black Panther. This is why I am freaking out:
  1. First and foremost, Ta-Nahesi Coates is going to be writing this book!
  2. I could really end the list right there
  3. But I won't because there's more
  4. Brian Stelfreeze is the penciler
    His style is just bonkers, he's spent a lot of his career doing covers and the work he's amassed is just 💯
  5. The recent iterations of Black Panther in the Marvel Universe (re: Secret Wars, Jonathan Hickman's portrayal of him in Avengers) were deep and well thought out
  6. This is the cover
  7. Marvel has a shown it can do politically leaning stories with it's black characters recently
    Check out Captain America: Sam Wilson
  8. It also has POC characters just grounded in their identity
    Check out "Spider-Man" the new story with Miles Morales taking on the mantel and "Ms. Marvel" with Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American, an Inhuman, and a teenager trying to not flunk out of school
  9. I certainly have my own doubts
    Just because I'm too cynical to not expect disappointment around every corner
  10. But Black Panther is an iconic character even though there has never been a long enough run by a single writer to consider it to be a well developed story
  11. And I trust that at the very at least they'll see this thing through
  12. The opportunity alone to tell T'Challa of Wakanda's story in the right way is great enough
  13. Also if this whole list was gibberish and you'd like to know more I can attempt to nerdsplain