Requested by stars


suggested by @stars Obviously there will be some bias on my part, but here is my bop master list in no particular order
  1. Uncle Jam Wants You by Funkadelic
  2. Salt Peanuts by Dizzy Gillepsie and Charlie Parker
    Those bops you hit a smoove Charleston too
  3. Fire by Ohio Players
    In the top five bass riffs to ever be hit
  4. Mother Popcorn by James Brown
    The original bop
  5. Be Faithful by Fatman Scoop
    I've almost injured myself dancing to this song many times
  6. Strawberry Letter 23 by Shuggie Otis
  7. Expensive Shit by Fela Kuti
    Quite actually will bore it's way into your brain and funk you right on up
  8. Never Too Much by Luther Vandross
    A subtle bop, a love bop supreme and an auntie classic
  9. Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison