Could I strike 13-18 off the record, please?
  1. "Lotion is like my make-up, it just makes me look so much better"
    Not necessarily wrong, but I really felt like it was covering up blemishes and scars but instead I was just as crusty but not ashy
  2. Then alternatively "My skin is better if use this face wash, and then just let my face air dry"
    I'm really fortunate there are no receipts from that period in my life
  3. "I'm brown not black"
    Yet another dumb thing I said to make others comfortable, and while that may be literally true, I'm definitely black.
  4. "______ put me in the friend-zone dude!"
    Fortunately this one was short lived unlike grown men I still hear say that shit
  5. "Water! I don't touch the stuff!"
    How I made it through HS is a mystery to me