1. Taught any History other than the half truth white perspective, slavery, and Martin Luther King for thirty minutes
    I didn't learn any black history until well after HS, and when they pretended to it was treated like a joke
  2. Maybe not encourage racist behavior by telling "racially charged" jokes???
  3. This is for the principals: Don't hire teachers that are afraid or uncomfortable with black people
    This should be like common sense, but there were four teachers that were afraid of black people
  4. Coaches: just because you're not in a classroom doesn't mean you ignore when a kid says something wrong or you yourself say some foul shit
    There were coaches that I had that were worse than any kid on the team
  5. Principal: hire a single black teacher
    Common. Sense.
  6. Inform all students, especially poor students, of what they should be doing in order to go college
    Any kid without parents who have the time to walk them through the college process or an actual guidance counselor starts behind and has to play catch up. Access should be equal to everyone