In today's ever growing "singles" era, it's tough keep a fresh music library. Here are just a few ways I try...
  1. DISCOVERING: You are not above Shazam
    Sometimes inconvenient... but 9/10 times I pull it out and am glad I did. I love shazam-ing a handful of songs for a couple weeks and never checking what they are. Then, when I am in the mood for some fresh joints, I pull out my Shazam history.
  2. LISTENING: ... and over listening
    If you limit the listening to new songs you find, you can prolong that empowering feeling it provides whenever they are turned on. This point may go without saying, but I continually find myself with a dope new song and then burn through it in a couple days after keeping it on repeat. Maintaining a good rotation of your music will help the new songs last longer.
  3. SHARING: Context is key
    Although some people are open to being shown new music, I always come across those who love judging the music you show them, no matter how good or bad it is. Either way, when sharing, try to do it in a way that maximizes their enjoyment upon first listen. If you heard a sweet song the night before in a chill setting, it's probably not the BEST choice to share it mid day during a drive with the sun out. This may mean you have to wait a few days until the vibe is perfect to play it.