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1. Im bad at knowing genre so bear with me. 2. Let's talk only about good music. Otherwise bad reggae is always the worst
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    Niche, I know
  3. 3.
    French song
    It's a genre yes, like Jacques Brel
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Thanks @andersun it's been fun to put together!
  1. Slave trade
    We're sorry, very ashamed, we even make memorials, as if it was gonna be enough... But you know, as long as your conscience feels better...
  2. Biscuits : the 2 most famous brand of cookies in France are from Nantes
    BN which stands for "biscuiterie nantaise" and LU
  3. Rain
    It's a bit exaggerated... paris is no better if you ask me.
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  1. I come, I read lists once or twice a day
  2. I don't comment much
  3. I don't list
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Inspired by @veshecco I'm thinking my li.st presence might be only copying other listers for a while...
  1. Call me :
  2. Soléna
    99% of people call me that. If you nail the é you got bonus points
  3. So
    1 friend went for that, Like it
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  1. English irregular verbs 👍
  2. Names of people I meet, especially when meeting a large group of people 👎
    I'm 2 years in dancing class and I only know 4/5 names out of like 40 people
  3. Historical dates 👎
    Was this in 1600 or 1800, I have no idea...
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  1. Thinking
  2. Painting
  3. Teaching
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  1. I'm spending the night at the palliative care center, with my mom too.
  2. When I arrived at 2 pm dad was already asleep, breathing so bad and loud
  3. He had a respiratory distress so they sedated him.
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  1. Let me paint you a picture : it was an old minor house with 3 levels
  2. At first glance super peaceful and cute
  3. And the ground floor was nice, we had a good evening me and my mom
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  1. 1.
    Home in Nantes (3 nights)
    But with the crushing anxiety of being far from my dad
  2. 2.
    At my cousin's flat in Lille (2 nights, she was not here, she lended it to me)
    2 bedrooms and generally quiet and nice
  3. 3.
    Air Bnb l'm at right now in Lille (first night out of 6 scheduled)
    Peaceful, nicely decorated
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