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  1. Go!
  2. This cheered me up! ❤️🐘
    Suggested by   @kate81
  3. I'm not sure of a story at the moment but I do know that I'm sending you good vibes from California and hope that when you get this you feel them!!!✨✨✨
    Once I find a story though, I am sharing with you!!:)
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel
  4. I went to a really cool non-profit farm today and taught kids how to make a crockpot chicken. We had a ton of donated food and enough crockpots to send home with each kid to their family so they could cook at home.
    It's a cool farm with a local coffee roaster on premises and the kids' camp with all sorts of cool, free activities. Some old guy that looked like Gandalf (staff-like cane included) came and led them in a drum circle and like 3 kids hugged me even though it was my first day. It was definitely someplace I think would be right up your alley. And I brought Listbot and Listbet for a "let's volunteer" date, but was too busy and didn't get to do a photo shoot. 💞💞💞
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  1. I'll be in the train for 5 hours today (starting 2pm France time), and I need something to keep my mind distracted from the tough stuff
  2. Any subject is welcome : my life, France, philosophy, tv shows, food, origami, etc.!
  3. But first of, let me ask you : how are YOU?
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  1. I won't make a whole list about @veshecco 's album
  2. I love it, He knows it.
  3. I just want to talk a little bit about the song "Ask the Stars"
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  1. Buddhist Bracelet my boyfriend got me 8 years ago when we were friends
  2. Steatite rock. It's so smooth, it really makes me happy
  3. Handmade Light decoration I bought in Spain 4 years ago. Hesitated at first but never regretted buying it!! It's like a picture of my dream world
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  1. I get lost in the users twitter recommend for me
  2. I know tons of lists about twitter and IG handles have been made
  3. But I don't have the energy to find them and go through them
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Warning : this is my dark side. I love my friends, they're awesome, I've known all of them for a lot of years,and bla-bla-bla but
  1. Most of my friends are garbage
  2. Like really.
  3. Bad friends
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  1. When you're a social phobic
  2. And your dad has cancer
  3. And he's been in real bad shape, suffering from the effects of the chemo for a month non stop
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  1. Not equiped
  2. To deal
  3. With this situation
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  1. The cluster:
  2. 1. Sun
  3. 2. Nomi
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Warning : it gets better and better
  1. 1. Sunflower Seed Garden, 2016
  2. With backlight
  3. 1 bis. Sunflower Seed Garden flower (1 unit)
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