Mostly things I noticed the first time I went there, and also through tv shows.
  1. Cup holders
    Everywhere! On strollers! Guys! Hold your damn cups! Come on! We don't even have a name for it, here.
  2. Hanging up without saying "bye!" Or "talk to you later"
    How do I know if I can hang up if you don't give me clues that I can!
  3. Drive through banks
    Get your ass out of your car, come on!
  4. Relationships
    I have a few North American friends (one of my best friend is American) and ALL OF THEM are SO BAD at writing e-mails or calling or writing letters. When you're physically with them, they love you and you both have the time of your life. But when you're apart, they cannot for the life of them write you a 10 words e-mail to tell you how they are. I accept it now, but it's been challenging!
  5. Swallowing toothpaste
    They all do that in TV shows. Why don't you spit and rinse? Don't you know it's bad for you?
  6. Big ass cars everywhere
    What do you have against little cars?
  7. Froyo
    Ice cream is a thousand times better. Froyo is stupid. Period
  8. Tipping
    You have to do math all the time.
  9. Why aren't there more croissants and cheese?
    Every American I know loves those things. There's a market! Why aren't there more of it???
  10. Declawing cats
    You monsters! I would just throw you in jail. Or remove your arms, just to see.