100 YEARS OF LI.ST (1972) 🕰

Inspired by @jakebrandman I can live my dream life finally!!!
  1. I just got home after months of traveling and it was filled with so much joy and sharing and spiritual awakenings!
  2. Well it was no Woodtock but still... Remember Woodstock @andersun ?
  3. In April, I got an inheritance and bought a brand new microbus for my road trip, it's so awesome!!!
  4. First in May I had the opportunity to go to England for a few weeks. I went to the Bickershaw festival.
    Donovan was there, I love him so much! Country Joe Mc Donald is really cool too.
  5. I went back home and then hit the road with my microbus and a bunch of friends I met along the road. We spent the summer in music. It was such a love and spiritual journey.
  6. On June 9th we saw Led Zeppelin in Charlotte
  7. On June 19th we saw the Rolling Stones in Chicago
  8. We then learned that US Supreme Court ruled that death penalty is unconstitutional!!! We celebrated for days in Ohio. Hopefully very soon death penalty will stop everywhere!
  9. Then there was Concert 10 in Long Pond, Pennsylvania
    It was my birthday too. So I smoked a lot of marijuana and communed with earth. It's like I was one with every souls and the music was me.
  10. Then we went to Bull island, Indiana
    They changed the place of the festival at the last moment because the mayor was stupid. So a bunch of bands had to cancel, the place was too small for the thousands of people. It was a mess like Woodstock but without the good parts. The only upside was the easy access to acids and marijuana!
  11. Now I'm between New York and Vermont for a while. I met some guys who grows their vegetables and have sheeps. It's a peace and love life guys!
  12. In September I'm gonna go see Pink Floyd (again!!)
  13. I'm a little sad that Bob Dylan is not touring at the moment but I saw him like ten times so I'll wait!
  14. Arlo Guthrie didn't play either but I guess he was busy putting together a tribute album for his father with Pete Seeger.
  15. Thank you world! Thank you Mother Earth!
  16. And feel free to come share the love, the peace and the pot!