Requested by (steve)


Thanks for the request @stevecady. It's not an easy one, but yeah, interesting!
  1. 12. people + origami people
    You might be far away and internet friends, you're still very real to me and I love you.
  2. 11.
    One of my best friends in the world moved to Paris so I got to see him plenty!
    He's American and we've been long distance friends since 2008
  3. 10.
    Just getting a job for next year, knowing I'll be financially stable for a little while and able to go to the Spanish origami convention
  4. 9.
    Going on holiday in Brittany
  5. 8.
    Being showered with gifts when I had to leave my two year old job at a school and staying in touch with my work friends
  6. 7.
    All my friends and family are healthy and safe
    That's a big win nowadays!
  7. 6.
    Going through the process of skills assessment and learning a lot about myself
    Even though I'm still not sure what my path is gonna be
  8. 5.
    Going to my first origami convention and making new friends, finding purpose and motivation through that.
  9. 4.
    Discovering tessellations
    Changed my life in many ways
  10. 3.
    Last night when my 18 month old nephew Jean forgot to wave good night to me and run back from his room to the living room just to hug me.
  11. 2.
    Spending tons of time with my nephew
    We live like 600 miles apart but we saw each other on February, April, June, August, November and December! 6 times this year, so lucky!!'
  12. 1.
    A new baby niece
    Nour, big piercing almond eyes. She's one month old but I met her 3 days ago ❤️