1. Organizing
    Activities, stuff, housework, anything! My mind is clear and organized
  2. Finding lost objects
    It's a God given gift! They* call me The Finder (*mostly my boyfriend)
  3. Listening
    Talking is another thing
  4. Patience
    Years of patience even
  5. Gift giving
    I'd rather not offer anything then give useless crap
  6. Enthusiasm and child-like joy
    I'm already pumped Christmas is coming!
  7. Tenderness
    Reserved for my boyfriend and the kids I love
  8. Resolving mind puzzles
    I have a big IQ, I used to love math before it got too abstract
  9. Giving good nicknames and pet names
    Ex: Pookie for my boo, super hero for my cat
  10. Drawing/ Folding/ Sewing stuff for kids
    Some people said I could make a fortune selling some of my stuff but I like to make them for someone in particular
  11. Entertaining babies
    They get me, and I love spending time with them because they are the only people with whom I feel I can be totally myself.
  12. Playing word games
    Scrabble, Boggle. We used to play "the longest sentence". Basically everyone adds a new word when it's his turn. you have to remember and say correctly the whole sentence before adding a new word. My brother and I were always the last ones standing.
  13. Eating candies
    Ok that's not a useful talent but still
  14. Driving in the city
    And parking
  15. Being open and truthful
    There is almost nothing I wouldn't discuss sincerely about me with anybody who asks