A catharsis list

  1. When you're a social phobic
  2. And your dad has cancer
  3. And he's been in real bad shape, suffering from the effects of the chemo for a month non stop
  4. Drugged all the time for the pain, a respiratory condition so bad he can't speak two words without struggle
  5. He's a painter in love with nature and he's been in a hospital room for 20 days without getting out except in an ambulance to an other hospital
  6. The doctors see him 5 minutes every once in a while
  7. They don't care so much
  8. They're used to seeing pain and they're swamped in work
  9. And you don't live in the same city
  10. You come every month and you can every day
  11. But not a lot is done to help him, beside the purely medical aspect
  12. And you know it's all the other aspect that can change everything
  13. But only one of his brothers takes very little action to help him
  14. But clearly feels guilty and scared
  15. And latch out by being angry with you
  16. For no reason
  17. The other brother has not even called you since the diagnostic
  18. And your father tells you he wants psychological help
  19. He's scared and probably tired
  20. But you don't know if that's gonna be possible soon
  21. And it's heartbreaking
  22. And now you want him to be in your town
  23. So that you could be there for him
  24. Bring him good food and supplements to attenuate the chemo effects
  25. Drive him to the support group meetings
  26. Visit him almost every day
  27. Surround him with positivity and life
  28. Bring him outside every time he feels a little better
  29. But you're a social phobic
  30. And you feel alone in this battle
  31. You're gonna have to pick up the phone so many times
  32. Call all his doctors
  33. Call all the post-treatment facilities
  34. And insist
  35. And look for solutions
  36. And confront family members
  37. But you can't let down your dad
  38. Who's really alone and scared right now