✨✨✨ a Whole Window of Tessellations ✨✨✨

  1. Yesterday I had fun putting all my origami tessellations up on my kitchen window
  2. And it struck me!
  3. This is it!
  4. Once the window is full, I'll be able to time travel!
    This is it @andersun !
  5. I'll just have to slice my hand open, hit the window and boom!!!!!!*
    *see all 11 seasons of "Supernatural"
  6. Anyway this past week I made a few ones
  7. These are called star twist
  8. The back
  9. I made a square one
  10. This one is the
  11. Back
  12. With light
  13. This one is the basket weave
  14. The back is way better
  15. Backlight is ok
  16. I like this one! It's the rhombus weave
  17. The back is funny
  18. Adding light adds nothing
  19. Ok so soon I'll be able to visit you in the past and future, be prepared guys!